Sunday, September 13, 2015

Don't Feel Sorry For Me

My darling wife is blogging about  KB's Wellness Journey in which she writes about many different health issues.

One of her recent articles is about Sharing Personal Information on the internet which brought up a question of whether she was looking for sympathy. I had actually never thought about that and I know first hand that my wife certainly does not and would not put a post up looking for the sympathy vote.

Of course this now brings up the question why we share our personal information with others.
Quite simply sharing is caring. There are a lot of people out there that suffer the same as we do and a lot of others are worse.

We suffer chronic anxiety and depression but we are working, with assistance, towards improving our mental state of mind. There is the stigma of having a mental illness along with having to ask for help from work and income and survive on $350 a week.

Our life style has change dramatically and budgeting etc  has had a big impact on our lives.

Do NOT feel sorry for me!

I get to spend all my time with the woman I adore who understands what I am dealing with and vice a versa. We share our experiences with each other and with others because although we require different types of medication/therapy talking about it eases the pain sometimes.

I have had my mental illness for some 15 years and it has now prevented me from working, however I am the happiest I have ever been.

Whitesnakes do it better ...... without syphilis nor sympathy

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