Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Syrian Refugee Crisis

No! No! No!

Stop and think long term about any refugees.There needs to be a plan in place for these people not this fly by night attitude of let them in and worry about consequences later.

The behaviour of the refugees in Hungary who blatantly flaunted requests to follow a procedure, highlights the fact these people have no regard for western way of doing things.

The man who lost his wife and children stated that the world had let them down. No it didn't, he made a choice and he has to accept the consequences of his actions. We need to fix the problem, and not go around pointing the finger here and there blaming every man and his dog without taking a good look at yourselves and what part you played to get yourself in this situation..

I am not against taking in refugees I am against those that would let them in without a plan for the long term journey these people have to travel in any country they are welcomed.

This crisis is another example of the western world being too soft and bowing to the do-gooders who I no idea of the bigger picture.

Whitesnakes do it better .... with a slip of the tongue.

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