Saturday, September 26, 2015

Where Did My Anxiety Start?

One thing about anxiety is that although the symptoms are basically the same, finding the right mix of things to follow as part of the road to recovery are totally different for each person.

Everyone suffers anxiety; it is how we deal with it that is the difference between coping and not coping. It is difficult to relate to someone who knows little about what you are going through when you can’t walk to a shop or can’t leave your home without being anxious or feeling or even being physically sick.

As I have often stated when discussing mine and my wife’s anxieties we are lucky to have each other to lean on when anxiety raises its head. A lot of people do not have that luxury. A lot of people who suffer will do so in silence; fearing humiliation if it were to get out.

My anxiety started way back when I was a child and brought up to believe certain things would happen if I did this or that. Religion had a lot to do with it and although it was the Roman Catholic religion that I was indoctrinated in, it was my fathers’ interpretation of it that was implanted in my mind.

Trying to break the mindset that was done through out my upbringing is extremely difficult. My struggles are those of someone trying to do what is right for me and not worrying about what others may think.

By me writing about my problems I am slowly ridding my mind and my brain of the negative aspects of growing up but I also am hopefully helping some one else out there who is suffering from anxiety.

Author Steve Boddey
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