Saturday, September 26, 2015

Savoury Pie

I notice that our friends over in the United States associate pies with sweet things not savoury.

My wife mentioned that I should do a post on the annual New Zealand pie competition where pies from all over the country are brought together and judge by supposedly people who know a good pie when they see, smell and taste one.

The competition has both savoury and sweet pies and this year the winner was a Lamb Cutlet and Kumara (sweet potato) pie.

This ugly looking pie with a bone sticking out of the top of the pastry apparently was quite tasty. Sorry but no! No pie has a bone in it that is just plain wrong. It is totally disgusting and those judges should be shot.

One of the judges is the New Zealand Masterchef judge and we often hear him and other top chefs berating contestants for putting something on a plate that you can’t eat.

Shame on you Simon!

A Kiwi favourite is mince/steak and cheese pie but there are lots of other options steak and mushroom, steak and kidney, venison in red wine gravy, pork pie, chicken pie, chicken and vegetable pie, steak and potato topped pie and the list goes on.

A meat pie is hand food and having a bone and a sprig of rosemary does not constitute a real pie. That of course is just my opinion what is yours?

Author Steve Boddey 

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