Saturday, September 26, 2015

Spring Autumn on the other side of the World

Picture source Steve and Karen Boddey

Different countries have different ways of looking at things and some learn about the world and some don’t. My wife wrote a poem about spring some time ago and posted it on her personal blog.

She received a comment from the other side of the world although they liked the poem they wanted to know why write about spring when it is autumn.

It is spring here on this side of the world and yes it is autumn over there I know that why don’t you.
Oh I never thought about it.
Are you serious really? Did your have an overload or is some one else using the family brain cell?
It’s not something I am familiar with you know other countries and their weather.
So how come I know about it and you don’t?
They never taught it at school we just learnt about our country.
They taught me geography so I know a little bit about most countries as a matter of fact I could probably tell you where most countries are in the world.
Could you?
I know where Canada is!
Do you know where New Zealand is?
Sure it’s a little island at the bottom of Australia.
Nope that would be Tasmania; New Zealand is East of Australia.
Really I never knew Australia was close to countries of New Zealand and Tasmania.

Opposite side of the world MA!

Author Steve Boddey
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