Saturday, September 26, 2015

Music of the Soul

My first introduction to Deep Purple was through the song Smoke on the Water and the first album I purchased was Made in Japan an excellent live album.

My father always played classical music and while it was enjoyable at times he played it relentlessly and took great delight in making us sit and listen to it. Fortunately he also liked a bit of country music so we did get variety.

Oddly enough the more I dabbled into Deep Purples music the more I found the classical side of their talents which in turn gave me a greater appreciation of the great composers. When one listens to the song Highway Star the guitar solo and organ have that Bach like sound to them.

The changing faces of Deep Purple took me on a musical journey that I am still enjoying even today. Medieval rock with Rainbow to Medieval minstrel with Blackmore’s Night or the bluesy rock of Whitesnake and of course Deep Purple are still rocking it now all have a special place in my life.

Like most people who have a favourite band I can sit and listen for days.
They say music is the spice of life I believe music is life.

Author Steve Boddey
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