Monday, September 28, 2015

Subscription TV

The only thing worse than a deceitful politician, is a deceitful advertiser, especially when it comes to the wording of the advert. Let’s face it they know what they are doing and they know how gullible most people are.

Many years ago in a time way back before you were born I was caught in an advertising scam. It cost me 2 years of paying money for something that was not worth diddly squat.

Back to the present over here in New Zealand and Australia you can get all these marvellous deals for subscription TV. According to the advertising you can get the package that suits your needs.

No, I can’t get a package that suits my needs because you don’t have one.

I have no wish to have 4 news channels, 3 shopping channels, the 6 free to air channels, 2 kids channels 2 Chinese channels, 2 Indian channels, 2 religious channels and some radio channels that no-one listens to anyway.

They want you to pay for stuff that you will never use and the cheeky sods are offering you the 6 free to air channels that you don’t have to pay for anyway.

Unfortunately these big companies are too greedy for their own good.

If you want me to subscribe then I will tell you what channels I want and then you can give me a price. I’ll decide to take it or leave it!

Is that going to happen? No I don’t think so!

Author Steve Boddey
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