Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday Morning God Botherers

The most precious thing I can give you is my time. It is something that I give but can never get back so when the god botherers come knocking and I very politely tell them I am not interested I expect them to bid me a blessed day and leave.

No that is not possible not only are they trying to waste my time and theirs they have set the dog off. They then have the cheek to request that I shut the dog up. Hang on a minute this is her territory and she is protecting it I have told you to leave so please do so.

No they still want to express their concern that I will be headed for eternal damnation and it is their duty to spread the word and save my soul.  Please go save someone else’s soul more worthy than me. I’ll take my chances when my time comes.

I then proceed to tell them that I talk to God direct cutting out the rubbish in between.

Apparently I can’t do that. I want you all to know that I remain perfectly calm even though I haven’t taken my medication however I can feel the tension rising and I bid them farewell.

I walk back inside and close the door leaving Coco La Belle to continue having her say.

Have a blessed day you Donkey!

Author Steve Boddey
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