Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Feel Good on a Saturday

KB and I have had a bit of an up and down time just recently.
Coco went to the vets, KB's dad went into hospital, work got irate with me because I took time off when KB's dad was in hospital, work is a so out of touch with reality and so disjointed, we haven't posted as much as we would have liked due to all these things happening either along side each other or straight after each other. Then the phone and internet started playing up and I strained my shoulder at work.
A deep dark hole always has light at some point
Of course once everything started to settle down we couldn't think of anything to write or rather we were too mentally and physically drained to do anything.
We then sat down and watched the news.
Looking at each other we laughed and started talking about all the good that came from our rough patch.
You see my friends there are no such things as problems but only opportunities.
It is too easy to continually moan and groan about how life isn't fair.
We took each event that happened and found so many postives that had come from it.
Oh and Simple Delish has a fantastic, easy fish recipe
So Fridays feel good is simple................ It don't matter how much crap ya in there is always some one else with more crap than you! You just take the postives from the negatives and that becomes a feel good moment!
Ok what's yours?

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