Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 39

The story starts HERE

King of Dreams
Harry n Down

Howard Lake Minnesota is our next stop.
We hire a 4x4, pack up our stuff, check out and head off.
I open up a brochure.
“Howard Lake is a city in Wright County, in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. The community was named after philanthropist John Howard The latitude of Howard Lake is 45.060N. The longitude is -94.073W. It is in the Central Standard time zone. Elevation is 1,014 feet. The estimated population, in 2003, was 1,922.” I read out aloud. 
‘Is that it?” Kev asks and then laughs.
“I could read on!” I reply.
We laugh at the thought of having useful information such as longitude and latitude and sea level. Just the sort of information that will certainly get tourists into the area. 
“Codgers Cove sounds like a nice place ta set up base mate. Just grab a cabin and stay there. I hope that being near wintertime not many peeps will be there. Might have the whole place to ourselves mate.” I say with a gleam in my eye.
“How far Steve?”
“About an hour drive Kev. Somewhere on County Road. Anyway it’s on the lake we can’t miss it.”
“Better stop and pick up some supplies.” Kev suggests. I nod my agreement. 
We book in for a week suggesting that we may stay longer. Mike the manager seems very happy to have a couple of Aussies onsite and he and his wife are helpful and very friendly.
We unpack and load the supplies into the fridge freezer and cupboards.
Thankfully, the park is relatively empty except for a few people who have seasonal sites.
Kev starts preparing dinner as I decide to have a bit of a granddad nap.
I awaken to the smell of coffee and some fragrant herbs, thyme I think, being roasted with potatoes, carrots and garlic.
“How about we see these friends of yours and get back home Steve?”
I stretch out and try to take in what Kev had just said.
“You fed up as well mate?”
There is silence for a short time before Kev hands me a beer and sits across from me and sips his wine.
“Yep! Totally fed up Steve. Had a great time and all that but I miss home.” He takes his time and I say nothing.
“I miss the pub, the house, the garden, the sound of the ocean but most of all I miss the feeling of belonging some where.”
Kev’s eyes squint a tad.
“We have so much in our own back yard Steve. You and I are so damn lucky to have what we have. To have been able to do what we have done is great but I am like you tired of it all. I just want to go home. I just wanna sit out side in our garden and entertain our friends.”
He pauses as he takes another sip of wine.
“We may not have much but we do have each other and of course our close mates.”
Kev gets up and heads back to the kitchen.
He stops and turns to me. “We are on the same page mate. There’s no place like home aye?”
“Damn right Kev, ya bloody well right!” I slump back in my chair and gaze into the air.

To be continued ................  HERE
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