Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Story Time COT part 40

The story starts HERE

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

Dinner done and dusted, washing up done, the cabin clean and tidy we take stock and sit on the deck and watch the sunset over the lake.

A flock of birds flying south for the winter come into the lake and either drink or feed before finding shelter in the trees surrounding the lake.
The darkness comes quickly. The sun melts into the earth as if on a time-lapse camera, beautiful yet fast.

It is the sounds of birds singing that wakes me.
Well, they are not actually singing, rather squawking and although it may sound nice at times, it does not actually assist in one to wake up in a happy mood.
I sit on the deck with my cup of tea.
                 Kev makes his way to the chair next to me with his steaming   
                  cup of coffee.
“How about we get this over and done with and head off home?” I say looking over at Kev.
"The trouble with this trip mate is nobody loves one another for who they are. They always want you to be some one ya not!"

He is staring blankly across the lake.
“Yep! Ya damn right there with the love bit”
He sips at his cup. “Let’s take our time with this visit though. You know, don’t wanna be seen ta be eating and running do we?”
A smile passes my lips. “I know what ya saying. We’ll enjoy this visit then go home.”

Later that day I call Sandra and arrange to catch up the following day.
“She is genuinely excited about catching up Kev.”
“That’s great mate. Come on let’s grab a few beers and go fishing.” He already has the esky of drinks and rods he hired.
“You bloody beauty mate!”

That was probably one of the best afternoons we had on this trip.
We just fished from the bank drank the beers and talked.
Oh and we caught a few fish.
“Fish for dinner Steve?”
“Oh Yeah!”
Fish filleted and stuffed with feta cheese,pine nuts and parsley Kev peers over at me.
“Steve, mate, buddy. Any chance ya could make those chips. Ya know the ones ya do in the pan with olive oil?”
“Sure can mate. No prob at all.”

To be continued ........................... HERE
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