Sunday, April 7, 2013

COT to Repeat Myself!

Getting on the plane was difficult.
It was a somewhat sad occasion, however a new beginning awaited.
There were doubts. There always is. Who knows where the cold wind blows?
Just before landing he cleaned up and refreshed himself. Black suit, white shirt, red tie. He looked in the mirror and straighten the tie.
Here goes he thinks. washes his hands, spray the cologne, collects his things and returns to his seat. He finishes his red wine a cab/sav blended Merlot.
Closes his eyes. Sleep does not come.
His thoughts are concentrated on how he will react when he meets her. Perspiration appears on his forehead as he approaches customs.

He provides them with the paperwork and the bag in which he has declared all foodstuff and goods he is bringing in to the country.
Customs look at him and wonder, he explains he is meeting a friend for the first time. Met on the internet and how his stomach is churning inside.
Customs search both his bags and find nothing untoward.
He smiles and thanks them. They smile back and have a laugh.

He pulls his shoulders back as he approaches the doors that may lead to another chance at life.
After wiping his hands and taking a deep breath he takes both bags and then ventures through the doors and into another world.
She was standing over by a window.
The scenery behind her did not do justice to the way she looked. Blue faded jeans and a loose fitting silky top and sandals.
She was wearing very little make up, if any at all.
She is beautiful, simple but stunning.

He stops in front of her and said hello, putting his bags down he held out his hand.
She took it, and as they went to kiss each others cheek, each moved and their lips touched.
They both backed off.

She grabbed his carry bag.
He took his suitcase.
He then started talking mainly to calm his nerves.
They started to walk and talk.
He opened a door for her, letting her through first.
The effort was nonchalant and he started to feel at ease.

They continued walking and as they did their hands touched.
They didn't flinch, they just entwined their hands as if it was something they had done many times before.
Smiles emerged, laugh came forth, excitement flowed and conversation was non stop.
This was a meeting, a meeting of 2 people's souls who had waited a long time to be one.
The waiting is long.
The end becomes what should have been!
A unnconditional love to ignite the world.
It will grow and we will see it flourish,
There will be others and we wonder if it will be forever and yes it will, after all tomorrow is another day Yet right now quite frankly no one gives a damn!

Whitesnakes do it better .......................... For carry on tuesday!
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