Monday, April 1, 2013

Reflections of a Rainbow

It has been quite some time since I caught up with my family and friends in South Australia. It has been almost 4 years and I wonder how much has changed. I wonder how much I have changed.
I will find out in a couple of weeks when KB and I go on our honeymoon. We have allocated a couple of days to catch up with those family and friends that want to catch up. The rest of the time is for us to do as we please and enjoy life.

I am blessed that KB and I often talk about how far we have come both as a couple and as individuals. We really have done a lot in our short time together. Divorced, moved house, lost contact with some family and friends, bought our own home and of course got married. One tends to forget all the adversity that we have faced of the time we have had together. So, have I changed and if so have I done so for the better or have I become worse?

As I reflect on things passed, I believe that since being with KB I have become a better person, not because I had to or was forced to but purely and simply I was allowed for the first time to live life in my own way and in my own time. I am free to be me and I am loved for who I am, not what somebody else wants me to be.

In August I would have given up smoking for 3 years. On my days off I regularly exercise, I eat healthy, although I still drink quite a bit, the levels have decreased quite a bit. I am always looking for healthy options in life. I go to work so I can look forward to coming home and they pay me for it, how cool is that? I love my job!

Probably the biggest area I have changed is my outlook on life in general. I don't believe that it's just old age catching up, I honestly think I  have been given the freedom to change my mindset. No longer do I get angry or upset when hearing others having their say on how I have done this or that. In the greater scheme of things it is mind over matter. I don't mind so they don't matter.
I constantly crave positivity, I no longer tolerate negativity. I look for opportunities to take a positive from a negative. I look for the light in the dark, the good in the bad.

Make no mistake I am far from perfect and I am still a sarcastic son of a bitch, but I am me and you can either take it or leave it.
I am happy and a better man for the choices I have made and that has to be a good thing.

Whitesnakes do it better ................. Naturally!

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