Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 36

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King of Dreams
Harry N Down

It is a four and a half hour flight to Heathrow.

Heathrow airport, 90 airlines flying 68 million people to 180 countries around the world.
I thought Delhi was busy.

We had our luggage and transfers all sorted before we left, so our on board stuff were all we had to worry about. Luckily, our transfer to another plane was still in the same terminal. No running from one to another. Kev had done his homework and allowed plenty of time to get from one area to another. We went straight to the lounge area and got in a feed. WE had time to have a bit of a relax before heading off to the boarding area.

“Never been back to the UK have ya Steve?” Kev says.
“Ever wanted ta visit the place mate?”
“Maybe one day. No inclination at the mo.”
“Flight BA0175 to JFK New York now boarding.” Came the interruption. 

“Well hello there.” A rather stout man in a pinstripe suit, balding head with no other distinguishing features other than being loud and slightly obnoxious.
“Off to the States huh?”
“I was born there as you may have guessed.”
“I’m sure you will love the place. Well I will be seeing you. Have a nice day.”
“I hope bloody not.” I whisper to Kev.
It’s Kev’s turn to smirk.

This leg of the flight takes just two and a half hours so Kev and I decide ta try and sleep.
Amazingly, I found sleep to come quite easily.
After the emotion rollercoaster of the past few weeks, my mind was at ease and my thoughts drifted back home to the pub and oddly enough Crystal. That kiss we shared. The walk on the beach.
All happy moments that one always dreams of having.  

We disembark and follow the crowd. Collect our luggage and head towards customs.
“Do you have anything to declare?” A man in uniform asks in a monotone voice.
I had thought of saying that I am English and proud of it.
Looking at his belt with every tool known to man and that gun made me think twice.
“No” I meekly replied.

The noise level at the airport was incredible.
People here speak at volumes that surely are unhealthy.

                  “Could you step over here and open them.”
Kev and I burst out in laughter.
The tone of his voice was straight and like a robot. Saying each word and almost pausing between each word.
“Sorry” I tell him as his hand reaches towards that gun on his belt.

Both Kev and I do as requested.
Another customs officer comes over and assists in the search of our luggage.
They converse between each other. We pay them no mind.
“I wonder if they realise how ridiculous they act.” Kev mentions to me.
“Passports and visas” The tone sounds so serious it becomes hard not to smile.
We hand them over.
“Walk this way.” He demand and walks ahead of us swaggering.
Kev looks over at me. “Better not aye?”

WE both laugh and follow the officer to a room I sit in one and Kev sits in another. We are asked a few questions about our time in India.
Satisfied with our answers we are allowed to continue our travels.
“Have a nice day.”
WE repack our stuff and head off to catch our next flight.

To be continued .............. HERE

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