Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walkabout on Water

I decided that it was time ta get off my ass and visit a friend of mine who I have been promising to visit but never got around to it. Maybe it is true ta say I was a lazy son of a gun and couldn't be bothered?

Truth be known I have been sick and when I wasn't sick I was busy and never found time for visiting until I decided to take some time off.
On Wednesday I was determined to catch up with Jonny and his kitchen so off I went.

Caught a bus to Half Moon Bay and the plan was to catch the ferry into town and then from town to Northcote Point via another ferry. Quite straight forward really except that nothing matched up.
Caught the bus ok but had to wait for the ferry for over an hour. Once in town there was another 50 minutes wait for the next ferry to take me the ten minute journey to Northcote Point.
I had originally planned to take the bus straight into town and then catch the ferry but oh no impatient me had to change plans and ticky tour the mountainous seas of Auckland Harbour.
Still I got there and had a fantastic time both with Jonny at the Northcote Tavern and the journey.
The way home was ferry ta town and bus straight home.

Half Moon Bay

Mountainous seas of Auckland Harbour

Coming into Auckland

North Harbour Bridge on the way to Northcote Point.

Northcote Tavern

Heading Home

Auckland Viaduct.

And that my dear readers is my walkabout on water.
Whitesnakes do it better ................. Walk on the water ........ Raining in the sky!
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