Friday, September 23, 2011

Northcote Tavern ( A pub with grub feel good)

From the Auckland viaduct the ferry ride takes about 10 mins to reach Northcote Point where you disembark walk along a wharf move around a dark foreboding building and reach a car park.
A 2 minute walk will take you straight up to the car park entry and a glance of 100 metres one sees the Northcote Tavern .

Did I say a 2 minute walk?
It actually took me longer as I was trying to determine what the dark foreboding building I had walked past was and I was also awe struck by the ocean views.

Naturally I had to take photos.

The building I passed is actually a restaurant The Wharf which gave the impression of being so far out of my league that they would charge $20 plus gst for a glass of water from the sink.
That may seem unfair but that was the impression the place gave me.

I digress............ The Northcote Tavern
I am here to catch up with my mate Jonny who I haven't seen in quite sometime and who just happens to run Jonnys Kitchen at the NorthcoteTavern.
Jonny is a diamond geezer who's stories about this place take you back in time and make you wonder and dream of what it was like way back then.
From the stove jug and spoon they found whilst renovating. Then there is the well that was discovered after some wobbly floor boards were removed. One of the staff has been pouring beers here for 22 years. the stories and history continue.

The jug and spoon
The links will take you to various sites to gain more info and see for yourself.

I was very impressed with the service and the knowledge of the building all the staff had.
Drinks were reasonably priced as are the meals.
The head chef is always there to meet and greet and he encourages his staff to do the same.
Making people feel welcome, nothing too much trouble; this epitomises what hospitality is suppose to be about.
The whole place is warm and inviting and it is certainly a place I would recommend to anyone.
Clearly a tavern for all the family!
From where I live it takes me an hour and a half on public transport.
Believe me, it is well worth it!
I will be going back and not just to see me mate Jonny.
This was my feel good for the week
What's yours?

Whitesnakes do it better ............when there's a pub with grub!
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