Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 30

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King of Dreams
Harry N Down

“Goodnight Chetna.”
Our hands slowly release their grip. Our fingers touching, not wanting to let go. The door opens.
“See you tomorrow.”
Quickly kissing her cheek, I move towards Kapil’s Taxi. Chetna’s mum beckons her in. The hour is late.
Her mother watches me move off. I get in the front with Kapil.

“You are stopping for a drink?” I ask him.
“Tonight my friend. I will.” He laughs that laugh of his.
“Good! Ain’t this country a wonderful place?” I say to no one in particular.
“You have only been here for a few days. She must have made quite an impression.” Kapil grins.
“Well? How did it go?” Kev wants to know every thing we did. “Drinks all round.”
I tell him most of what happened leaving out the things; I think he should not know. Kapil and Kev are both grinning like Chesser cats.
“So, she maybe the one huh?”
“Could be.” I wink. “You just never know eh?”

Ringing of the phone wakes me up. I reach for it.
“Hello” I answer sheepishly.
“Morning Steve. Just wanted to know what time do you pick us up?”
Pick up whom? From where? My brain asks.
“Hang on.” I put the phone down and sit on the edge of the bed. I stretch and grab the phone.
“Around six I think. What time does your mother have to be home?”

I may have just woken up but I have my smart-ass attitude in full swing.

“My mother is a nice woman and I love her very much. You know that.” Chetna’s tone is stern.
“Six o’clock will be fine we will be ready. If you come early you can chat with my mother and make a good impression.” Oh, there is sarcasm in her voice now.
The woman is on the ball.
“I’ll try and make sure I can do that.” I try to sound as if I had not noticed her wit.
“Mum loves flowers. See you later.”
She hangs up before I can say anything. I shrug.

Kev and I spend the day shooting the breeze. Have lunch in the hotel restaurant and then head off for an afternoon nap. Time sometimes flies past.
It is not long before Kev is banging on my door asking me if I am ready. I let him in as I am buttoning up my shirt.
“Come on mate! We’ll drop you off at Chetna’s and pick you back up at six.”
“What’s the time? “I look over at Kev, while tucking my shirt into my pants.
“Come here.” Kev starts fussing with my shirt and wriggling the belt on my pants. “I want you looking good.” He remarks. “Hmm you smell nice too. Her mother is going to adore you.” He steps back and looks at me.
“Quite the stud when you dress up nice.” Kev seems very proud.
“You’re worse than a mother you are!”
“Just want my boy looking good.” Kev says in his female voice.

As we start to head down the elevator, I remember about the flowers.
Kev has already arranged that as well as some chocolates. He seems to know a lot and he seems to be very organised.
“How did you know about the flowers?” I ask him.
“Steve, every man gives flowers to mothers.”
Kev seems annoyed that I asked such a question.
It never occurred to ask about the chocolates. I left it at that.

Kapil’s taxi looked different. “Bloody hell mate. You have cleaned it.” I say mockingly.
Without the battering of an eyelid “Wait till you get inside.” That grin of his beams across his face.
“In the back Steve.” He orders. Kev jumps in the front and I open the back. There are two bunches of flowers and a box neatly wrapped sitting on the seat.
I get in without a word.

To be continued ....................................... HERE

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