Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 21

The story begins here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

I have breakfast of fruit and cereal and of course tea. Having had my fill I start thinking about what I will do for the rest of the day.

I get the camera ready for Kev.
My mind is actually thinking of Shallini and how she is getting on when Kev knocks on the door.
“Do you have Kapil’s Phone number Kev?”
“I put it in your phone mate. Where you thinking of going?” Kev checks the camera as he speaks.
“Thought I might pop back to see Sunni.” I say softly.
“Wanting to check on the tin lid eh? You big softy you!” He laughs. “Just make sure you give Kapil a time to pick you up. Be ready at that time. He is a wonderful chap but he does have a busy life really.”
“I will.” I tell Kev.

Kev is off to visit the Lotus Temple, Ajmal Khan Park and Muqhai Gardens time permitting.
“Catch ya later Steve. Take care and most of all have a bloody good time.” Kev heads out the door with camera in hand and some other bag. I follow him out telling him to enjoy his day.

Back inside my room alone I wonder if I should really go back to Sunni’s without Kev.
My mobile rings. “Don’t stand there thinking about it mate. Just ring Kapil and go. Have a good day.” Kev hangs up. I smile as I realise he always seems to know when and what I am thinking. That is part of the magic about our friendship. We know each other’s thoughts or feelings. Well most of the time we do!
I check I have everything ready. I think about taking Shallini another gift but think better of it.
The mobile rings again. “Can you be down in the lobby in about forty five minutes? I’ll pick you up then.” Kapil tells me. “Kev said you wanted to go to Sunni’s.”
“Err yeah thanks Kapil I’ll be there. Thanks mate.” I hang up.
Well I think that’s it. No choice now I’ll have to go. I do my usual check of the room and leave.
Down in the bar I order a drink and sit waiting for Kapil. Watching the clock to make sure I am on time to meet him in the lobby.
I reach the lobby just in time. Well to be honest he is early. “You ready then?” Kapil smiles at me. “First time out on your own in a strange country can be very daunting. “ He adds.
“You are a strange man Steve. A good man but strange.”
We chat a bit. Just general chitchat. “Are we going the same way as last night?” I ask Kapil.
“Yes Steve. It does look different does it not?”
“Yeah sure does. A lot lighter for starters.” I laugh.
“You are a funny man Steve.”

We arrive at Sunni’s the place is quite full. I ask Kapil to pick me up about five pm if possible. He will ring me if there are any problems. “I will be here. I just maybe a bit late but do not worry I will come.”
Kapil drives off his horn honking. Not at me but at some smart ass that has just cut him off.
I walk into Sunni’s and order a drink. The only seat available is at table of women. They look like students but I am not sure. I sit down but move my chair back from them. More so as not to intrude on their turf than from embarrassment. I can hear the women talking about me and giggling. I look over briefly and nod and smile politely as I can. I take a mouthful of beer to settle me down.

The story continues ..... here
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