Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coco likes Ice

It seems you humans are always not very considerate of our animal needs.
Why is it that my MUM clips me when winter is approaching?
Why is that my DAD gives me cold dog meat out of a can?
See the humans in this house have no consideration of my delicate condition.
It's wet and cold
I am a DOG and proud of it!
I feel the cold..........brrrrrrr!

I have a bed and a nice home and I have a mum who looks after me and gives lots of cuddles.
I have a dad who cooks wonderful meals for my mum and gives me titbits.
I guess I am really lucky really to have all the comforts I do have.
I get to stay indoors when it rains. I really do get a lot of treats.
I even get tucked in my nice warm bed at night.
Last weekend I even got to go to the beach and frollick.

Coco at work.
As I lay here in front of the door, looking out into this wet world of ours, I need to remind myself of all that I have and how well I really am looked after.
So even if being clipped makes me as cold as ice and cold tinned dog food gives my tummy an ache I should be grateful for all the other things I take for granted and more importantly know that my mum and dad love me and don't really do things to cause me discomfort.
Kind of makes you appreciate the smaller things.
Like a little black cocker spaniel called Coco.

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