Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturdays Layback

She would watch him from her room as he slept.
Tossing and turning.
At first she thought it was the hours he worked but she soon came to realise it was his troubled mind that kept him from a sound sleep.

A strange arrangement they had.
She slept in one room and him the other. They both kept their doors opened so they could see each other whilst they slept.
She had allowed him to stay with her provided they had separate rooms,
Now she ached for him in her bed.
If that happened one thing would lead to another and all hell would break loose.

He had come to her a broken man. She took him simply because she loved him and he made her feel free of all her troubles.
How she wished that she could do the same for him.
She would watch him sleeping. Soundly at first from pure exhaustion then restless through out the endless night till the dawn broke and he would stumble from his bed and start the day.

They share the household chores as they both worked. Her hours consistent. His scattered. Still they managed to laugh and get by.
Earlier that evening he held her as she blindly looked out the window of the apartment while rain fell as if showing them some one cried as they struggled with their dilemma.
They had dinner and had cleaned up. He did have to work the next day but it was a late shift and she had the weekend off.

They had a few quiet drinks while listening to music. He sang to her an occasional song. She laughed at his antics. Telling him how crazy he was.
As bedtime approached she found a yellow rose lay on her pillow.
She washed and put on her night attire. Slipping into her bed she glanced at his room.

He brought her some milo as she sat in her bed reading a book.
He sat in a chair she had in her room and they talked about their plans for the following day. Picking up the book she had been reading he started to read it to her.

She enjoyed the way he would use different voices and put some life into whatever she was reading. Sometimes he would annoy her with his version of something serious she was reading or he would take a certain part and go over the top making a mockery of the whole situation.
Then came the emotion of sadness as he picked himself up out of the chair and bid her goodnight.
He kissed her with passion. As if it would be a last kiss as if he would be no longer be there when the morning came.
“I love you” he told her.
Her eyes moved with him as he left her room and entered his.
He undressed and slid into his bed.
Looking over at her he smiled before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Her eyes never left him. She waited. A tear fell on her pillow.
Her memories came flooding back.
They had been fooling around on the sheep skin rug. He had been tickling her and they had both been laughing hard. Then they had become amorous and passionate. He had rolled on to of her.
In a split moment. Without a single thought. She parted her legs. Allowing him entry if he wanted. He arched back as if thinking as to what he should or should not do. Arched up. His arms taking the weight of his body off her body. He rolled away.
He smiled. And then his expression was nought. “Bastard!” She thought.

At times she could be moody and cranky. Especially at those times when a woman has to cope with emotional and natures so called gifts!
He took it all in his stride.
The silhouette of the moonlight in his room showed him suffering another restless night.
She lay awake waiting for the moment she would make her move.
She rose from her bed and made her way into his room.
Sliding herself beside him she counted.

“1, 2, 3, 4.”
He automatically turned over in his sleep and wrapped himself around her. Pushing herself into him as far as she could she felt content and sleep started to come more easily.
She would be gone before he woke.

Whitesnakes do it better ............Sleeping in bed with the love of your life.
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