Sunday, February 10, 2013

COT A Groovy Kind Of Love

Life is too short to work so hard.
Or so I've heard it said,
But what exactly are they talking about?
Just what is in their head?
Is it the daily grind,
Working from 7 till 4,
Is it getting out of bed,
When sleep, you could use some more!
Could it be that piece of extra pie?
That you really had to taste.
Is life to short to work so hard,
When that pie is on your waist?
What about the one you love?
You worked so hard to score,
If you do not work at it,
They'll walk right out the door!
I go to work so when knock off comes,
I am excited at home time,
Ain't no better job to have,
I get paid and yep this job is fine!
If life is too short to work so hard.
You are looking at life all wrong,
It is all about your perception,
Try singing a different song!
Life is too short to work so hard,
So do no jobs all day,
Switch it round and enjoy your life,
Turn the your work time into play.
Whitesnakes do it better ....... For Carry On Tuesday
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