Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturdays Layback

A man goes into a book shop and asks the young lady assistant,
"Do you have the new book out for men with short penises? I can't remember the title."
She replies, "I'm not sure if it's in yet."
The man said, "Yeah - that's the one, I'll take a copy."

It is always good to start the day with a smile aye?
The week just gone has been a some what tough one as there have been a few differences of opinion at work. So now the fantastic job I thought was good, turns out to be not so fantastic. Time to move on.
I thought about sharing the experience, however what exactly would I get out of it? What benefit on a positive side would I achieve by sharing and would it be a forward step or would it be just the ramblings of a disillusioned man who feels targeted for something but no-one knows why?

This week may have had a down side but the upside is that I have had the love and support of KB  and also have 3 days off with her which is much needed,
Let us start with last weeks walkabout which did both of us the world of good and we did learn that Coco could have come with us so maybe net time we will take her that is if the dog of eternal stench will get out of her bed for a trip.
My beloved wife to be has started up or rather joined another craze called Tuesdays Teasers which is about something but it is way to intelligent for me to grasp. Of course Simply Delish has once more delivered a wonderfully simple recipe a pasta and bean salad that really should keep ya'll healthy!
I certianly do recommend that you take a peek at Spreading the Love some challenge KB has found and as usual has a meaningful and positive message that we all should share.

Last weeks Sunday Story time is entering the final stages and I have decided to continue the sunday theme with another story I am writing but have not finish. Thus keeping me busy.
My Monday Manic Moments is proving quite a page view hit which is quite surprising because usually the content is just a whinge and a moan about something or some one.
The Carry on Tuesday theme once more carried on with my take on Cecil whats his name with so little to do.
I am really enjoying finding pearls of Wisdom on Wednesdays and the Tuesday Twosomes are getting a wee bit tougher but that's what it is all about isn't it?
Tantalising dishes  and stuff for the veggie munchers like what's with the meat keeps me in the masterchef groove.
So, right now it is beer o'clock and I have a loving woman who requires my company and I do not want to waste a single moment.
Enjoy ya weekend

Whitesnakes do it better ......... when you ignore two blind monkeys and one lame duck!
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