Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 20

The story starts here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

Kev slaps my back. “You always have a way with women.”

The evening wears on and soon, we have to make tracks. Kapil heads off to get his cab. We offer to pay for the evening’s food and drinks but Sunni will have none of it. “What I have seen tonight is payment enough. Thank you my friends.” We hug each other as we bid farewell. Just as we are about to leave a voice cries out.
“Steve, Steve.” It is Shallini. She comes running out and hugs me then quickly disappears from sight.
“Like I said my friends, I am truly blessed.” Sunni clasps his hands together.
“Yeah right Sunni! Blessed that Kev or rather Kevin here did not get drunk.”
Once again, laughter fills the air as Kapil’s cab pulls up and we head off back to the hotel.

“You know Steve you have the charm of a serpent.” Kapil remarks.
Kev and I look at each and laugh. “That’s why he is known as Whitesnake on the net.”Kev answers back.

We invite Kapil up for some drinks but he declines. “Kev has my number should you require a cab.”
Kapil bids us goodnight and drives off.

As is our want, we head off to the bar. Order some drinks and park our butts down. Our banter is mainly about how the night went.
“You surprised me tonight mate.” Kev stretch’s out. “You did really well with that kid. Sunni tells me she is coming along ever so slowly. Until tonight. He has never her seen her interact with another like she did with you.”
“It’s all good Mate! Cheers, ears and the dears.” Clink go the glasses as we toast a wonderful evening at Sunni’s Bar.

I struggle out of bed not even looking at the clock. Put the kettle on and make myself a cup of tea. I eventually glance over at the clock. It is five am. My brain kicks in. Nine am in Australia. Bugga not much of a sleep in. Just cannot get use to the time differences. Oh well I think not to worry another day another dollar. At least I do not have to work. I do what needs to be done on the net. Pay bills, pay off what we have spent on the Credit cards, type in the journal and check and reply to emails then close the laptop down. Outside on the balcony of the room I sit in my silk boxers and light up a smoke. I start thinking about Chetna. I should call but I know she will be getting up for work around this time. It can wait until this afternoon.

I wonder what Kev is up to? Bugga it! I am back off to bed.
I wake up again around eleven am feeling slightly more refreshed. I head off for a shower and a shave.
All fixed up. Fresh and perky I get dressed. Pair of shorts a tee shirt and some sandals. I ring Kev’s room.
“Morning Kev. How did you scrub up?”
“Fine mate, what do you want to do today? Thought we might go see a few sights.” Kev sounds completely his normal self.
“Nah mate. The tourist thing is not my cup of tea mate. You go if you want. Take the camera and we can check out the pics later.” I feel a little bit disappointed in myself. Kev likes seeing all the sights where as I would rather sit with the locals and talk.
“Steve, it is OK mate. I know you are not a tourist type person.” He laughs. “I’ll pop by your room when I’m heading off Ok.”
“No worries mate, catch ya later.” I hang up the phone.

The story continues
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