Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 16

The story starts here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

With permission Keith Hillman
“I’m stuffed mate. I’m heading off to bed” Kev stumbles off to his room.

I jump on the net and try to contact Chetna. I find that I to have over done the booze. My mind is nowhere and my hand movements are slow.
It is time for bed after I email Chetna and let her know we could be in India early.

I must say, overall it was a good night. I definitely have had too much to drink. I should head off to my bed. I am a superstar for a little while. I giggle to myself as I head off to my room crashing on to the bed and falling asleep as soon as I lay on my back.

“Oh Koryuki, My Dearest Koryuki.” I close my eyes and I fall into a deep sleep.

“India awaits,” I tell Kev as we book in at the airport. We have to fly to Singapore then to Delhi.
Why flights are not direct is way beyond my understanding. They ain’t and it is a 2-hour stop over in Singapore.
“Bugga Eh?”

Kev seems a bit edgy on the flight to Delhi. “What’s up Kev? You look like you’re not enjoying this journey.”
“Oh, I have been to Delhi before and it isn’t a nice place.”
“What do you mean mate?”
“Oh Steve, you’ll see.” Kev push’s his seat back closes his eyes and tries to sleep. Opens one eye and looks my way. “You had better do the same mate. You are going to need some sleep.”
I do not ask why I just push my seat back and relax, close my eyes and try to drift off to sleep.

Shoved through like cattle in a yard. That is Delhi Airport.

Without to much trouble we get through customs and head out to my first trip to Delhi. I am excited yet somewhat subdued. After Japan, what do I expect here?

“OK Steve, We head to the business class lounge and settle for an hour then we will head off to the hotel.” Kev speaks with authority,
I do not answer I just nod my agreement.
The amount of people that were in the airport was simply unbelievable.
“You haven’t seen anything yet.” Kev mentions as he guides me to the business lounge.
“Let’s just get a beer mate” I am getting somewhat annoyed by Kev’s attitude.
“Kev. What the Hell has crawled up you ass and got you so wound up?” I speak softly yet with some anger.
Kev downs a mouthful of beer and tells me.
“This country is different mate. Kids, especially girls they treat like shit! Like they don’t mean anything or like they are not suppose to be here for nothing other than breeding.”
“They shit and piss in their rivers.”
“Hell they even burn their dead in it.”
“They even have, and mate I am not joking because I have seen it. They have some sick mothers who wait till the dead are burning and the family have gone and they eat the dead.”
I look at Kev as a man who cares.
He is so spooked by this country that I believe him to a point.
Yet I have always been open to what people say.
Time will tell.

To be continued
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