Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Manic Moments (Death via Stranger)

The sun is bright yet the late morning air is cool and crisp.
It will be a fine day to be out and about or so I thought.
We only  have to pick up some veggies and some free range bacon from the shops not more than a ten minute drive.

KB starts the car as music plays, I change the station as the music is crappy and worse still it a station I normally listen to. KB's station ain't much better but it is tolerable so I leave it on.

At the top of the driveway the neighbours all around have parked their vehicles in such a way that you can't see any of the road for on coming traffic. Fortunately we live in a cul de sac so not much traffic comes out way but really the point is the vehicles shouldn't be parked on bends and secondly these big vehicles should be parked in driveways that are empty.
We figure that these people have these vehicles to compensate for what is lacking between the ears and thighs  and that their driving skills did not include driveway entry and exit training.

Finally free of our driveway we venture 50 metres to the tee junction and turn left. Well we try to tun left. All of a sudden there are more cars on the road than ever before and as soon as the on coming traffic sees us they speed up to prevent us from exiting.
It's all good we breathe and wait.
Fortunately a pedestrian ventures across the walkway bringing the traffic to a screaming halt and allowing us to turn and be on our way.

It is a mere 500 metres to the next turn off. Another tee junction with traffic lights.
During this short journey two vehicles whiz past us nearly cleaning up some of the traffic coming the other way.
At the lights we try to turn left. We wait for the on coming traffic to pass and wave to the 2 idiots who passed us and are now stuck behind a truck that looks like it may need extra time to make it across the road when the lights change.
The lights change and KB waits just a few more seconds before taking off and rightly so as a black piece of crap flies through the red light and passes us as we start to pull out.

I always feel safe with KB. She is an excellent driver who continually follows the road rules religiously.
It is about 3km to the veggie shop and in that time we have 4-5 other drivers cutting in front of us just so they can slam on their brakes.
We also have a dickhead who is persistent in driving right behind us I am sure he wants to take a look inside our boot.
We turn left once more into the car park of the veggie shop where once more the efforts of idiots and imbeciles are open for all to see.

An asian women who can barely see over the steering wheel drives in and out of a car park space while we wait to go pass. She doesn't actually go all the way in and if she did KB wouldn't take the chance of driving passed. The woman would probaly T-bone us. She already has nearly hit a few people who for some unknown reason have a death wish and walk behind the moving vehicle.
After all that, the woman pulls out once more and drives off.
We take the space.

Veggies brought it is now off to the butchers.
Other than being cut off in the carpark and having 2 females trying to kill themelves via jumping infront of us we make it 500 metres down the road and to the butchers carpark where another nightmare is awaiting us.
A rather large truck requires entry to the car park.
All people have to do is give the guy room and he will be out of the way very quickly.
We kindly give the truckie room to move which he acknowledges only to have some ass wipe slip in and out.
All that has to happen is let the guy in and he will park at the back of the store.
OH no......................not gonna happen. I shit you not .........................with vehicles parked either side of the road and this truck on one side us on the other the cars behind the truck started to try and pass the truck and even cut in front.
KB and I couldn't believe it.
How stupid are people?
Worse still not a police officer in sight.

The ride home was event free other than a few red light runners.
A 10-15 minute outing turned into a stressful experience.
The trouble is these idiots cause accidents and have no accountability.
That's the sad part.

Whitesnakes do it better ........................... Driving us Crazy
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