Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturdays Layback

At long last the work front is looking to settle into some kind of routine which for both KB and I certainly is appreciated.

We both have been busy enjoying our life together and are getting adjusted to the cooler weather.

Coco La Belle of course now sleeps more and is in a constant state of depression simply because she can not go out side patrolling the fence line. She finds life a tad boring laying in front of the sliding door watching the deck and  waiting for some poor soul to come and knock on the gate door that shields us from the outside world.
Like a lioness stalking her prey Coco lay in wait.
Trouble is, when anyone does come to the gate, she will stay in the comfort of the home and bark furiously rather that run to the gate and bark.
Her excuse............she doesn't want to get wet!
Coco also helps with house work like making the bed.
She also barks at her dinner see her here

Keeping up with KB finds her getting frustrated with a few things.
Mind you last weeks Walkabout certainly did help both of us to chill out.
So Adorable
Visiting our favourite Japanese restaurant also eased some of the weeks frustrating moments.
Of course Simply Delish recipe list continues to grow with a lot of support from other foodies.
Apparently there was some major wedding happening however my invite never arrived.

The ole Whitesnake of course has been busy working yet still has time to take a pot shot at a group of terrorists known as Vegans. You will be surprised at how serious these people are when it comes to anything that could damage their credibility. You know things like the truth!
It would appear that my COT this week was very popular with the amount of page views I received.
My favourite one though would have to be The Battle Rages On although it was not done as a COT it seems relevant even now.
Christchurch - The Whitesnake Cometh happens to be my number one post of all time with my first ever 55 being the Taunt of the G-Man coming a close second.then of course God Botherers which seems to be some sort of turning point.
I have been blessed to be able to steal pictures to use on my blog from a wonderful man and a delight to be able to call a friend Sir Keith Hillman .
Also known as Keeth Ramblings to the drunks at the local pub!
Keith is a delightful chap who tells stories that amaze and tantalise the mind and imagination. His pictures (as they say,) tell a thousand stories!

Polite, softly spoken and lovable
The poem I Understand tries to explain the way I think and why I am such a polite, softly spoken and lovable chap.

Last month saw my darling KB grow even more beautiful than ever with a birthday to remember and of course we had our ANZAC contribution.
No war is a good war and all soldiers need to be remembered.

The story that parallels my life is midway through and I really do need to look at finishing it.

So on that note I bid you all adieu!
I have a shoulder of lamb roast to cook for my darling KB today then tomorrow we head to her mum and dads to celebrate mothers day.
You all have a great week-end and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum's in this world of ours.

Whitesnakes do it better ......... Happy Mothers Day MUM............... RIP xx

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