Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mondays Manic Moments ( More Bashing the Veggie Munchers)

Of course those that follow this blog would have read my previous posts about the criminal activities of Vegans and Veggie munchers. How they blatantly murder veggies and are the new environmental terrorists that society detests yet does nothing about.

The Vegetarian Solution
The new terrorist is what scares me the most.
They are stripping the land of plant life which reduces oxygen. The foods their staple like rice not only requires vast amounts of land but vast amounts of water which is another vital resource they are reducing.
There is of course (through eating vegetables) the increase of carbon gas thus effecting the ozone layer.

It is my firm belief that everything/anything in moderation and in harmony is a good thing all round.
Everything needs balance. Especially mother nature.
As you are all well aware Mother Nature can be a truly nasty bitch when she is moody!

I love my veggies but I balance it with meat and fish.
If you want to be a Vegan or a Veggie muncher that is fine but please don't give me the ole "I saw battery hens and that put me off meat for life"! That kind of statement is a cry for help from the mental ward!
You do cos it ain't going no where!
To use propaganda and in some rare cases violence to achieve an aim is as barbaric as some of the things these Vegan and Veggie munchers use to encourage people to give up meat.

Let us also consider that when explaining their beliefs the whys the how fors, these nutters will use any method possible. Usually they will attack peoples emotions using vivid images as their bible. Anyone who uses emotions to get a point across has a pretty thin argument.

Go to a restaurant where meat is served and you can get a vegetarian meal if you want one. Go to a vegetarian restaurant you can't get a steak!
WHY????????  Just cos there are many meat eating places? Not an acceptable excuse.
If a veggie muncher was to attend a party or BBQ in most cases their needs would be met. Reverse that and have a meat eater got to a veggie BBQ you won't find the same respect! Have a veggie muncher at a party and sooner or later they will start ranting. (Mad Veggie Disease)

What I find even lower is when these veggie munchers use some ones ill health to justify their lifestyle!
Yes people it is true, their are some people through no fault of their own have to lead a Veggie muncher lifestyle.
Check out Miriams meatless meals for meat lovers.

If your beliefs were so right they wouldn't need justifying.

For all the facts and figures they can come up with I could counter. It's tit for tat and it ain't getting anyone anywhere.

My view is quite simple. I don't want to change you. I don't want you to eat meat of dairy or whatever if you CHOOSE not to. I don't want you telling me or trying to convert me to solely be a veggie lover.
I appreciate that you have opinions but so do I.
I love my meat and I love my veggies and as I have stated earlier there needs to be a balance.
You are not going to get that balance from just eating meat nor just eating veggies.
Kinda defeats the purpose!

If you are truly interested as meat eater to try some veggie delights check out River Cottage Everyday Vegetables .
I was suitably impressed.
You can also check out Simply Delish every Saturday for a recipe that we have tried.
Tuesday is purely meat day with Tantalising Tastes where we dig up recipes from chefs and give them a try and of course for the veggie munchers there is on Thursday what's with the meat where we have a veggie dish. so any veggie munchers got any recipes.......I'll give them a try.......obviously we will have it with meat but........ you never know, some of you ideas may spark the soft approach !

My sole aim here is not to bash Vegans and Veggie Munchers nor to get them to revert, (I had enough of that with my old man and religion) it is purely to express the view point that sure you can rant and rave but it ain't gonna change a thing.

Sure you can bring out the usual dirty tricks box but that don't work neither.
What you need to do is your own thing and leave everyone else to their do their own thing.
Maybe, just maybe someone will come by and take up the challenge to follow your lead.
Like Panntene, it won't happen over night but it will happen!

To be continued HERE
Whitesnakes do it better ....................with a bit of balance.

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