Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday Manic Moments (the great vegetable massacre)

I often wonder why people complain about eating meat as being cruel to animals yet forget that plant life is a living thing as well.
Is it because plants do not look cute or that they don't have eyes to look at you through?
No one ever gives a thought to the way we destroy our plant life.
Chopping, dicing and slicing.
Baking boiling. roasting and steaming living things just so we can eat them.
Worse is that we are all guilty of skinning them alive.
We are all guilty of the GREAT Vegetable Massacre.
Photo from Photo net
We all know that people like to peel vegetables. They get an enjoyment that is primeval.
The smile on your face as you present a salad of roasted peppers finally diced with lettuce roughly ripped to look rustic. Onions skinned alive finely diced with precision purely to make you look good.
Mushrooms too, sliced, skinned and fried alive!
The potatoes, baby ones boiled in scalding hot water, seasoned to taste then chopped dill placed on top as an ornament then comes the drowning in oil.
Olive oil another plant squeezed of life purely for your enjoyment.
Then we have fruits that you eat alive without thought.Sinking you teeth into an apple like a lion would with its prey. Munching and crunching as the juices flow down your chin. Smiling like Hannibal Lector you continue your vicious assault plucking berries from trees and eating them with out a care.
Ripping open the nut shells to eat the innards you care not for the silent screams of the murdered, the massacred vegetables and fruit you so eagerly consume.

Another cruel death
Alas we are all guilty.
As a meat eater I can consume it with safe knowledge that it has had a good life and was killed with as minimal stress and discomfort as possible I make sure of it as much as I can. This can not be said for the murderous plant eaters.
My veggies and fruit are well cared for but you murderous bastards buy yours from the supermarket!

At least my murderous ways are not souly directed at the vegetables and fruit as some humans  happily profess to enjoy.
These Vegans and Veggie munchers are the new Third Reich, treating the vegetables as Hitler did the Jews and homosexuals. Exterminate them at all costs.

I fear that there is no stopping the trend that has now taken the world by storm the extermination of fruit and vegetables by any means possible and to kill them in the most grotesque ways and go out of the way to invent new ways to torture our plant life'.

The ultimate insult is to then as a Vegan and Veggie muncher gloat about it as a good thing!

May God have mercy on your taste spuds!

To be continued .................HERE

Whitesnakes do it better .................. Veggies? Yes... well done!
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