Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mondays Manic Moments (Death of the Vegans)

It is quite interesting to spend time looking into other walks of life, other religions, other dietary sects and their beliefs.
Like all religions, TRUE vegans are nothing more than a bunch of misguided humans who made the wrong turn at the tee junction of life.
You see true vegans are not suppose to have anything to do with animals (as far as food or dietary requirements are concerned.) yet they do.

Once more a cult has been caught out in misleading and misguided information.

Every thing we eat has in some way shape or form been touched by an animal so in actual fact humans could never truly become vegans.
They add their own twist just like religions do.
Alter or change things to suit their needs.
No animal matter at all?
So they then have to water down their beliefs and allow little bits in.

YES they can eat rice even though insects have been all over it, even though the plant has been fertilized with manure and yes even knowing full well the field was ploughed by and animal.
Even if it were a tractor driven by a carnivore, the fact remains an animal of some description shape or form was involved with the life of the product.

Finally Vegans are exposed for their insipid way of life and their blatant lies and manipulation of not eating anything to do with meat, animals.

It quite simply can not be done.
Let's just face it, to survive they  have to bend the rules or change them other wise no eating at all.
This they have done and therefore can never truly be called Vegan.

Like the Hindus and the chaste system, Catholics and condoms Islam and fanatics Buddhism and vegans.... lies and deliberate misrepresentation abounds.

At long last another cult has been caught out. Death of the Vegans begins.

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Of course there is the other side to Veganism the darker side which compliments the dark side.
Like all false sects you won't find Vegans doing a fact finding mission, they spend their time trying to justify what they are and what they will never become.
True Vegan! A True Vegan doesn't eat!
Vegans, annoying the hell outta humanity since biblical times!

Whitesnakes do it better ................... BBQ 'ed Vegan anyone?
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