Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bust a Move

The beginning of a new week brings a close to my career at my present workplace. I would like to  say my time there has been a a happy one but unfortunately one set of a events has led me to make the move on.
In April, May 2011 I received two warning for not following procedure. Both warning were an attempt to move me out of the job I had been doing. I believe so that someone else from the company could take over the position  I held.
Rather than discuss the matter in a professional manner 3 senior mangers took it upon themselves to find a devious, deceitful and dishonest way of dealing with the situation. My work ethics and professionalism in the way I conduct myself at work were questioned and that is pure workplace bullying.
I should have gone straight to the Department of Labour and laid a complaint.

In December 2011 both warnings were removed from my records and shredded.
An apology of sorts given.
The apology was given by one of the senior mangers who was leaving the company and the said manager took full responsibility for what had happened and the way it was handled.
Great! What about the other two?
One has left the company for apparent health reasons and the other is still there.
I find it disturbing to work in a place where that sort of thing can happen and by all accounts still happens. hence my shear delight to be offered work else where.

Having said all of that I should take this opportunity to thank all the shop floor people for their love and support.
Shaista, Muna, Nikita, Anjina, Motu, Lagi, Renu, Ysabel, Xafryn, Ashwin, Rajin, Nasa, Cherry, Angel, Pratheesh, Mandeep, Deepak, Huck, Oscar, Sabi, Sandy, Deana, Yumin, Kelsi, Naman, Shanan, Tom, Jazmine, Tracy, the other Tom, Amandip, Regan, Tyrone, Chev, Rudi, Div, Kubushu  Harvey, Astrid , Thao, Bindu, Rippen, Shafeena, Syam, Rama, Richard, Lenny, Karl and Karl Jr, Roslyn,Pooja, Ripul, Ashika, Kathy, Ziana Rahul, Izac, Alila, Saloni, Linda and the storeroom and trolley boys Oh and the lovely lady that looks after aisle 8 cooking area. (I can never remeber her name.
All of you have at one time or another been supportive in all different ways.
Thank you all for the many laughs, sharing and caring.
You will be remembered.

Whitesnakes do it better ............... When ya moving on!

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KB said...

I'm so proud of you for sticking with it until you found a new job xxxx


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