Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 7

The story starts here
King of Dreams
Harry N Down

As for me, I will head off to bed and try to sleep. I have no work for the next few days so I intend to relax. Kev drinks his coffee slowly then retires to his room. I hit the sack and the last thing I hear is the shower running. I turn over and drift off to sleep dreaming dreams of adventure and travel.

I wake around 2pm and switch on the PC. Checking my emails then looking to see if anyone is online. No one is, so I shut down messenger and start to answer my emails.

I shower and head outside in my robe, light up a smoke and start to think about what to wear tonight. The afternoon is warm; the sea breeze makes it quite pleasant to be outside.

Jeans and polo top with sandshoes, clean-shaven and smelling like I had spent the afternoon in a perfume shop, I start securing the house. After double-checking that I had locked everything up and turned off the things that needed to be turned off, I check the time. It is 5:30pm and Kev will not finish for another 3 hours. I close the front door and lock it. Checking I have my wallet, smokes and keys. I head off down the Esplanade walking somewhat slowly and thinking of nothing. My head empty of any thoughts, I just look at all that is around me as I move through the streets.
“A pint Steve?” the barman asks. “Yes thanks”
“Kev dropping by later?” he adds as I pass over the money. “Yeah we are staying for dinner.”
“Better go through and book a table, we have had a big booking tonight.”
“Kev doesn’t finish till late. Probably be here about 8:30. Who’s on tonight in the kitchen?”
“Isaac and John.” He remarks as he pours another beer for customers who have just rocked up.
“I’ll let them know we are eating late. Catch ya later.” I move towards the dining room and talk to Crystal the waitress.
“Kev and I will be dining last thing. Could you let Isaac and John know, please?”
“Sure Steve, see you later.”

Crystal is 38, single with blonde hair and blue eyes. Petite, well presented and always being asked out by any male that passes her way. She is comical, witty and very, very intelligent.
She was married once but never speaks about it even when we are together out of working hours. Oh did I mention she has extremely health set of lungs. Not overly big, just slightly more than a hand full.

I move from the dining room to the gaming room. I cash $50 in coin and wander around the machines before settling down at a table to smoke and wait for a machine to become available. I order another beer and sit there quietly watching people come and go. There are only certain machines I will play so I wait patiently. It does not really matter if I do not get on one. I just like the relaxed atmosphere.

At the bar, I get another beer and deciding that the machines will not be free for quite awhile I put a keno on
Keno is like bingo. You pick however many numbers you want. You can pick from numbers 1 to 80.

I usually pick five numbers. You need to get three numbers and you win $2, 4 numbers and you win $20, all 5 numbers and you win $500. The games are played every three mins and cost a minimum of $1 per game. You can of course play 10 numbers and win the jackpot. A million dollars plus.
“Oh, could you check these lotto tickets for me?”
“Certainly Sir.”
“Sir, you will need to go to the Lottery office to collect this.”
“Why? How much have I won?”

“7 million, it would have been 21 million but there were 2 other winners.”

To be continued .................. here
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