Sunday, March 6, 2011

The New Environmental Terrorists

There is a new breed of terrorist. They are more dangerous and more cunning than ever. They use emotions and  the environment as their tools to dominate the world we live in.

Yes! Vegans and Vegetarians are the new terrorists.
Oh not all of them are wanting world domination just a small group called the Environmental Alignment with Terrorist Squads, EATS for short and not be confused with the Making of Environmental Alignment of Terrorist Squad MEATS for short. Join the two together and you have EATS MEATS. Pretty ironic isn't it.
That is thin, anorexic even!

I have written about this once before but now feel more compelled to speak out against these mis-informed people.
Watching a TV program does not make you want to stop eating a product Giving up something suppose to be you wanting to do it, not they made me do it.
Oh and why all of a sudden is it now that we want to convert. It isn't like we haven't know for ages that certain things were going on. Were you really that blind?
There are those that choose the path for health reasons or simply because they have a need to try something new. I am fine with all of that, but please give me a break. Whining and crying like a baby because some animals are being treated badly isn't going to change a bloody thing.

Here are some basic facts:-
It is a scientific fact that gas from animals and humans causes damage to the environment.mainly the ozone layer
The more animals we have the more gas is produced. The more vegetables we consume the more gas humans produce. The more plant life we eat the more CO2 will be in the air.
Eat more meat!
See, they never told you that did they?
Now, staple diet of rice requires large amounts of land and water so now they want to destroy land and use large amounts of a natural resource which slowly destroys  the Eco system.

There is so much more to this whole thing. Some of these people refuse to eat dairy products.
Let us just take a small example of a cow and its milk. It has no calf to feed so the milk builds up causing intense pain, profuse sweating, violent convulsions and finally death. There was I concerned about the rabbits in the cage.
If these people had their way the world would be over run with animals in no time and the human race would finally become extinct simple due to any kind of cold weather. Although  in fairness they may argue that by farting and destroying the ozone layer the earth would be hotter so feeling the cold due to the non existence of any fat  around the body would diminish.
Everything we do, everything we eat should be in moderation and in proportion to the world around us.
We need balance in everything we do. Yelling and screaming about caged animals is only a short term fix.

Balance in eating.

If you are really serious about doing something then do it!
KB and I plan to become as self sufficient as we can, even rearing some animals so we can ensure their lives are the best they can possibly have.

Just to so you all don't get the impression that I am anti Vegan or Vegetarian and healthy living, check out
Zensational Living and Miriam Barton's Meatless Meals or even try Simple Vegan Recipes

For those that like great simple food and are not worried about the meat side of things then it is Simply Delish for you!

Whitesnakes do it better .............. Roast pork, roast beef, roast chicken...Yum!
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