Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jobs, Beer, Wine and Bluff Oysters

I’ve just spent the last week concentrating on finding a job. I have actually surprised myself at how well I have handled each application and interview. The confidence levels are getting higher. The professionalism I have handled each interview has been brought to my attention by each interviewer I have spoken too.

However, I am still awaiting responses. *laughing softly*

I can’t stop now. Today’s interviews went really well. The second one was short but sweet. The woman was surprised I will be heading back to Christchurch for an interview. She was also just as surprised ta be told I also have a job prospect in the UK assisting in the everyday running of an Ole English Pub! (Something I am seriously considering if it all comes to fruition).

The fact I am out and about looking has been beneficial to me as I am getting to meet and greet people. If I had been living in Pakaranga I would have a job right now and a good one at that. Alas, it may all come to nought as where I live at the moment is a fair distance ta travel and the hours required to work would leave me little time ta sleep let alone eat. Bugga Aye!

So tomorrow I am off again hitting the pavements and seeking out employment where ever I can find it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not despondent or anything. On the contritely (or however ya spell the word) I am excited.

While offers are coming my way opportunities abound I will find something and more than likely something better than I would have hoped for. Just like the interviews today. They started out as being for basic positions then changed into a few levels up the ladder. * Big Smile*

As each job comes by I am finding it good that I am out and getting stuck in to job hunting.
Today’s interview was a hoot! The two interviewers at the end commented on how it had been a most enjoyable interview. Hmm go figure. Me finks this ole Whitesnake can still put a smile on the dial.

“Everyday an adventure, every pay cheque a fortune.”

After everything I have been through I am still standing. I still believe in everything I have done and said. I still have my wants and needs and I will stick by it to the end. I am not going anywhere till it’s my time ta piss off outta here. It’s a LONG way off yet!

Now ..... that’ll please many and annoy but a few. Those few can bend over now and brace themselves for the bang of their lives.

On a much lighter note I had my first taste of “Bluff Oysters”.

They are the best tasting oysters honestly.

I have had em from Clevedon and the Bay of Plenty but they have been total crap. I wouldn’t even feed em ta a cat. People over here wanna put all sorts of crap on em. Ya eat em raw and fresh that is best.

As for beer they certainly have a massive variety and I have taken a liking to Steinlager Pure, Monteiths Lager and a few of the home made brews they serve on tap. For the wine freaks there are so many to choose from you really would be amazed. Most are reasonable priced and well worth trying. Both red and white wines are very good. Haven’t come across a shitty one yet. Notice I said yet. Ya know how it is aye.

In a previous post I raved about the food and then I found the crappy oysters but remember, when in NZ Bluff Oysters are the go!

The weather here is getting a bit chilly although I still walk around half dressed. Shorts and tank top. Just throw a jumper on if it gets nippy.

A well peeps that’s it for now as I have run outta things ta say. Take care all of you and I will post again when I can find something ta write about. Well something decent anyway.

Whitesnakes do it better .......... when they do what they do best!
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