Sunday, March 8, 2009

What you up too?

A lot of you guys and gals have been asking how I am coping. How am I surviving and what I have been up to?
Seems ta me no one would be really interested in self indulgent crap.

Well !!!!!!!!!!! Butter me buns and smother them with hundreds and thousands!

Some of you wacko’s really wanna know so........Here goes....

We arrived here on the 15th of Jan 2009 and for the first week stayed in a motel. The house was being decorated and they wanted a bit more time. We took possession of the house on the Saturday but stayed in the motel till the Monday night. Tuesday was our first real day in our new home.

The weather has been warm and humid. It has rained and has been cold but it hasn’t been anything ta write home about. They actually had a RECORD temperature 0f 32.4c. WOOHOO! Whoopee fuck! I just left a minimum of 41.5. Plus it got worst (Adelaide I mean) they had a whole 3 weeks of nothing under 35c. Then the bushfires started and ya all nose about that aye.
Anyways, we spent the first two weeks settling in and have spent the rest of the time settling in.

The furniture STILL hasn’t left Melbourne.
Sucks don’t it? Well fortunately we or should I say Shaz has wonderful friends and family who have either loaned or given us stuff ta get by with. So we have the basics ta survive. We have gone out and picked up a few things that this family needs. A PC and a surround sound system, a TV and of course a microwave and something called a washing machine.

The washing Machine isn’t too bad. It has all these special functions that apparently do wonderful and amazing things yet it still can’t make pizza. Bugga aye!

I have been trying ta get some miles in the legs as I walk through the botanical gardens. Tell ya what though. A walk ta the shops and I am talking LOCAL, up and down them hills ain’t something ta be sneezed at. I am getting use ta it though and every day is great days..... believe me!

I have mentioned it before but the food here has frigging taste. On a scale compared ta Aussie prices things work out around the same. So from a financial point of view things are basically the same.

I have met and caught up with most of the peeps that Shaz knows and it is like old times.
Well now. The big question on everyone lips is ....... has this ole whitesnake found a pub.
Not just any old pub but a place he can go and rest his weary brow and sup a few ales and have the full enjoyment his life has desired. The answer? YES!
This ole fart spends a few hours a week at a place called The Bog Irish Bar - Manukau Pub a wonderful place ta meet and greet peeps.
I do actually miss you. Especially those that I have left behind in OZ. Such is life then they hang ya!

On the job front I have applied for around 8 jobs and go to a place called Mt Wellington early next week ta sign up with a security company. I have caught up with Internet friends over here and it has all been good and we catch up every now and then.

I have also phone friends and family as it is a hell of a lot cheaper ta do it from here than it was from Oz.
I have also tanned up well, however when I do take the tank top off the bright skin does appear a wee bit brighter than most would like. I also have a new watch band a ring band as well as a Jangle/Thong/Sandal band.

Well peeps, this so far is my life.
We have a 3 bed townhouse and I live upstairs and Shaz downstairs. Well I spend most of my time up here on the PC and it.... meaning upstairs hasn’t been finished as far as deco is concerned. I do however come down for sleeping and eating.
So for now my friends I hope this fills ya need ta know what I have been up to. Take care and I will keep ya updated

Whitesnakes do it better ............. Yeah right! Pass the Tuis.
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