Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brian Katie Kids and Kittens in Christchurch

Good morning and I do mean morning.

It’s just gone three am and I am having a beer and am in no mood to sleep. That lack of wanting to sleep may have a lot to do with the grand dad nap I had earlier. Although I have had a lot of things on my mind.

Here at the Southern Comfort Motel Christchurch on Beagley Road, Christchurch, sitting in front of the laptop typing away, my mind is racing. Outside is cool and tinted with an edge of crisp cold air.

The boy racers are dragging their cars up and down the street and not one single police officer insight.Shouts of abuse echo in the night air as the cars race up and down irregularly. Cars with three to four youths drinking and yahooing up and down without a care for those in the motels that stretch along this street. The occasional bottle being hurled out of the car and resting with a crash, shattering across a building or a footpath that some poor bastard will travel come the early part of the day. Some jogger, partaking in their early ritual of huffing and puffing will do a polka around the shattered glass cursing and sweating. At that time I will be having a cooked breakfast and will give them none of my precious thoughts. If I do see one I will of course sit and think ....... What a wanker!

I am in Christchurch once more for several reasons. The flower show is on ...... (Big deal) I actually like the place ..... (Whoopee fuck!) Checking out employment opportunities and real estate .... (Yes I am serious) Contemplating closing down this blog as well. (Well thank fuck for that!) And of course while here no visit is complete without catching up with William ........ Oh yes and Marja!On me walk around this city I have noticed about seven Thai eateries all along one street. Yet the lack of millions of Asians roaming about like lost sheep seems irrelevant.
Just as a side note 50% of eateries are actually Thai in NZ.

May I suggest a few things. When in Christchurch do stay at theSouthern Comfort Motel Christchurch, and if you really do like Thai food DO go to KeoThai which is just around the corner. If you like burgers DO go to Sophies Cafe, which also is just around the corner ( the motel manager here also recommends them for a hearty breakfast.
I think he is just a lazy sod who doesn’t really want to do cooked brekkies at the motel) then if the pub and pokies is your cup of tea (Did I really say tea?) then the Carlton Hotel is the place to go, and it just so happens to be ...... just around the corner.

Within around two hundred metres there are heaps of other motels and eateries of all kinds. I talk about this particular motel because Katie and Brian are wonderful down to earth hosts. Oh and Katie is a real honey of a woman who will do almost anything ta make your stay as memorable as possible. They have three beautiful kids and some cats who roam around and are just as friendly. They make all those that stay at their motel feel welcome. Which actually should be a standard thing, don’t you think?

Today is Saturday and later on when I go to bed and then wake up, we will be catching up with William and his wife ......err what’s her name ..... Oh yeah Marja.

We will be taking them out for dinner at KeoThai so if you are lucky you may get another opinion on Thai food and whether I am any good at judging decent places to eat. Shaz went to the flower show and enjoyed it.
She had a diamond pass which means ya pay a lot of money not to stand in a queue. Some had to wait a few hours just ta get in the place. Bugga that!

I went ta the pub and chatted with Mel the barmaid. Wonderful woman very easy going and helpful. Mel made Shaz a drink that she really enjoys. It is simply Lemon Lime and bitters but as Mel pointed out. Ya gotta get the mix right otherwise it is like a sheep’s fart on a warm bed.

Well I should really hit the sack and get some shut eye. I’ll just finish this beer go out into the cool night air have a smoke then come back in and wait till Brian knocks on our door with his cooked breakfast. ( He probably gets it from Sophie’s).

Take care peeps.

Whitesnakes do it better ............... When Christchurch beckons!
-- "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined."
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