Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Thursday the 18th of December 2008 at 12.30pm the lawyers will finally release me from work cover.
There is no emotion at the moment. There is just nothing.
By next week I should know where we stand from a financial viewpoint and the move to NZ will be on in earnest. The prospect of starting over again is exciting yet it is also met with some doubts. Although Shaz and her friends and family are supportive, I will be there alone.
That in itself is a scary thing.
Still, I have battled this far and taken chance’s before so this should be a doddle.
I may have to redo my security course over there although me thinks that there should be some sort of reciprocal thingy between NZ and Australia. So much to do and so little time as I want to be there by the end of the month. Maybe a week or two into January at the most. No that isn’t right. I want to be there NOW!
Whitesnakes do it better ....... Patience boy, patience!
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