Monday, December 22, 2008

Me job

Well it is now all over and done with.


Free of having my life run by some government institution.

Debt free!!!!! Yippee!!!!

However I am working non stop and long hours.
It’s all about earning as much as I can ready for the big move to NZ.

End of the month we will be picking up all our stuff and moving it across the ditch. Already have a house ta rent.
Jobs will come in time and we do have enough ta survive.

Sad thing is leaving a job I love.
Especially down at Munno Para.

We are family down there even with the cleaners and some of the retailers.
I am sad ta leave em aye…………. ALWAYS in love with em all.

On my watch we do not have a lot of problems but I have come close.
I guess I have a lot to thank my fellow workers for.
Dave, Trev, Mike and Brett thank you so much what you have taught me and being mates.
Although I still have a couple of weeks ta go before I finish. I wanna tell these guys that no matter what I have ya back.

Ok enough of the sentimental crap.
A young lad aged between 7-10 runs down the mall and I ask him to stop.
He stops and runs up to me and says “Fuck me up the bum!” then runs out the door.
My reply “Ya not my type!” as he scampers out the northern end.

Another lad running through the mall stops briefly ta listen ta me speak then proceeds ta run down the mall only ta trip over and hurt himself.
Squealing like a pig!
I amble up as he is laying in agony on the floor and politely say, looking down.

“Now that’s why ya don’t run in the mall”
Then I walk away leaving the little shit ta his own devices.

We have a hell of a lot of assaults but we take it all in our stride. It’s part of the job and I love it.
Don’t get me wrong the assaults I don’t like, but they are a everyday occurrences and ya have ta deal with it.
The RTS boys rock up with their JB and coke and sit in the food court. They don’t cause trouble but we know them well enough ta know that they are a pack of arseholes and can cause havoc.
I stand near by and just scan the mall. They scatter. Heading out the northern entrance.
The night guard is informed as we finish our shift and head off home.
Poor bastard is in for a hell of a night.........
I may get a call ya just never know.

Whitesnakes do it better …….When ya had a kid tell ya ta “Fuck me up the bum!”
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