Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shiels Girls

I been walking the malls at the local shopping centre for sometime now and getting to know retailers and customers can be sometimes a tedious job but sooner or later ya find ya way and they accept you and start warming to your ways.

Never really thought I was doing anything different to any other guard. In my mind I was doing what I thought needed ta be done.

Tonight I shed a tear.

In my job I meet and greet both customers and retailers in a professional yet warm manner (well maybe not always professional). I treat everyone equally and fairly and have come to enjoy the company and confidence of many of the retailers.

I greet them all at the start of my watch and bid them farewell when their turn comes to depart the premises. (Even when some are as cranky as a cranky persons cranky bits)!

I have done what I have always thought ta be the right way to treat people and acted in what I thought was the best way to make them feel safe.

Tonight, I waited outside for the girls who work at Shiels (A jewellery store).

They were actually waiting for me inside the mall. I had gone outside as inside the centre management in their wisdom had the airconditioning switched off.

God knows what they thought but I was firmly told they had expected me to meet them inside not out.

I shrugged.

Outside we chatted for a while and then I was presented with a Christmas gift.

I took it and thanked them ...........


Open it I did and there was a key ring and a pen.

The key ring has engraved the word "Steve" and the pen has the words "from the Shiels girls"

It isn't made of gold but it has their love and their appreciation for whatever it is I do that makes them feel safe and secure. (Could be my chit chat......... errr no I don't think so)

Such a small thing means so much.

Coming from a beautiful group of women who vary in age and other things. (but I wont go there.)

It was truly a touching moment.

They will probaly never get to read this but girls, "thank you so much." Ya sure know how ta make an ole man feel good about his job.

Whitesnakes do it better ........ When there is No Who Har!
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