Saturday, December 13, 2008

Encounter the Snake

If you ever have a Chance Encounter with the Whitesnake, here are something’s you should know.

1) For 12 weeks in 1990 I was a singer in a band in Japan!
2) The only vegetable I am not keen on eating is parsnip!
3) I always eat my vegetables before my meat! DON'T forget the gravy!
4) I have been accused of being a dreamer, but without hope and dreams, life would not be the adventure it is suppose to be.
5) I am very good at giving, absolutely useless at receiving!
6) I believe love is an expensive commodity. The more you want the more expensive it is. You only have to ask what price you are willing to pay.
7) I have answered the front door naked!
8) I do not drive!
9) I can charm the most obnoxious person.
10) The bite isn’t lethal but the tongue can be.

Whitesnakes do it better ……. Usually when least expected.
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