Thursday, October 25, 2018

Essential tremor

I recently joined an Essential Tremor group on Facebook however knowing my sense of humour and the fact I speak first and think later, I was somewhat reluctant to join. My wife however thought it may help so I did join.

There are in this group many people who are suffering more than me so, as is my nature, decided to take MY thoughts and ideas about Essential Tremors and express my opinions and the way I look at my condition.

It would appear that some in the group are offended!

“Oh Steve Boddey poked fun at the those that suffer from Essential Tremors and I was offended and in the morning my arms fell off.” No they didn’t, nothing happened and nothing is going to happen unless you let it! "

You are just an attention seeking twat that has got nothing better to do.
 I’m offended oh please, that was inappropriate oh piss off!

 To be offended you must take on the offense of what is said or done. 
Did what was said or done deliberately meant to offend? How do you know?

You can’t just assume that it was deliberate but if you do, technically you are offending yourself because you’re the one making a big deal about it!
Move on, ignore it!
We all suffer in one way or another and we deal with it in our own way!

Being offended by something is just an excuse to be bigger asshole than the offender; and in this world we already have enough of them.

Get over it and stop worrying about it.

Get on an enjoy life because in youth we learn; in age we understand.

Or so the story goes!
What are you teaching your kids?

Author Steve Boddey

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