Thursday, November 8, 2018

Obesity NZ and NZ Politicians

My fellow New Zealanders, at this time we are faced with a multitude of problems from poverty, obesity to equal opportunity.

I am hoping to address these problems with some basic ideas.

Our government is supposed to be supporting the will of the people not their own agenda. They should lead by example not come up with some cock and bull story that tells us what to do.

Here are my thoughts.

As of the first of next year all politicians from around New Zealand will have their pay and all entitlements stopped. They will then be placed on a health and fitness program which will ensure we have politicians that are fit for the riggers of politics.

Have you seen some of our pollies? They make Jabba look thin.

Upon reaching the goals set by our health experts they will return to work and receive the Living Support Benefit. This benefit is what governments believe people of New Zealand are capable of surviving on. Although the $12,000pa is somewhat smaller that the $174,000pa an average  MP would earn I am confident that living on this amount of money would not only save the country a huge amount of money it would teach those in government about wasteful spending, how to budget and what is important in life.
“Improvise, Overcome and Adapt”

As each politician returns they will all receive the same benefit regardless of their position thus creating equality within the pay rates of men and women something that we were told would have taken a long time to achieve and yet here it is.

Any one who wishes to leave/resign may do so however they will forfeit all entitlements.

Any meals that are supplied within government buildings will come from our public hospitals as they are healthy, nutritious and tasty. If it is good enough for the public it is good enough for our pollies.

This is the first step of leading by example.

Due to the lack of pollies in parliament the lack of bullshit coming out will assist in efforts to alleviate climate change for those that believe in it.

It is estimated that 10 million dollars can be saved each week by applying these simple steps.

The $160 million and the $200 million allocated for the Auckland pedestrian/bike bridge and the convention centre will be stopped as our so called failing infrastructure is far more important. How can you justify spending like that? There is surely more fat to be trimmed.

The 15% GST on fruit and vegetables will be removed along with basic food items such as eggs, milk and bread and fresh meat, chicken, beef, lamb and pork.
It is not that difficult.

Our PM claims you can't do everything at once however I bet if it was something the government wanted it wouldn't be difficult. Remember while they are kissing your babies they are stealing the lollipops. A politicians best friend is statistics they are easily manipulated to give a perfect front to their point.

Governments claim they have no money for this nor that however they do when it suits.

Steve Boddey

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