Monday, May 15, 2017

I was brought up as a Catholic

I was brought up a Catholic.
Actual I am one of the special ones, I am a Roman Catholic. Must mean I am part Italian or something.
While reading a few posts on here I notice a few people referring to God’s word, or quoting God’s word from the bible.

Well this got me thinking about who actually wrote the bible. I think it is something we will never know. What we do know is that man found some scrolls and some tablets (the stone kind not medical) translated them and called it a bible.

Translation is in a lot of instances an interpretation of what is read or being said.

I can image deep in the Vatican or where ever they keep those scrolls, some monk going through them and discovering they missed the letter R and mistook the letter I for the letter E in translation.

“Thee men of holiness celibate on all occasions” when it should have read “Thee men of holiness celebrate on all occasions”

Wonder what else they got wrong?

Author Steve Boddey
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