Friday, January 27, 2017

Offended you are

To be offended or take offence to some action or verbal conversation there needs to be a reaction from a person taking the said action or verbal altercation to a personal level.

So, as I have stated in previous post concerning people claiming to be offended they are actually the problem.

If some calls you a name or commits an act that is in conflict with your lifestyle or beliefs or whatever YOU don’t have to like it, YOU don’t have to acknowledge it YOU do not have to respond to it.

YOU can walk away, YOU can ignore it YOU can brush it aside because it says more about them than YOU.

However, YOU will work yourself up into frenzy, YOU will take it on board, YOU will take it personally, YOU will whine and moan and YOU will go on and on about it but more importantly YOU will in YOUR own mind determine that the offending was a deliberate and malicious act solely directed at YOU and YOURS.

Whether the act or verbally exchange was done with complete innocence YOU will have YOUR slice of the action and YOU will know exactly what was meant by the act or verbal communication.

So we now know that when one claims to be offended it really is all about YOU!

The views in this post are all about me not YOU!

Author Steve Boddey
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