Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Save the Children UNICEF World Vision

I find it quite disturbing that we have Save the Children (founded 1919), UNICEF (founded 1946) and World Vision (founded 1950) advertising for funds and showing the same problems that occur and were happening when these organisations were first founded.

Every year for as long as I can remember I hear the same thing over and over again there are starving children, drinking dirty water who will die if I don’t donate some money.

I am all for helping out and yes their clever advertising showing starving children with that fly perfectly positioned does wrench at the heart strings and brings water to the lamps every Christmas and Easter however what about our own homeless, poverty stricken people?

In New Zealand there are approximately 20,000 people who donate $10 a week for 1 year that makes 9.6 million NZ dollars. So lets make this easy and say that each country that has a Save the Children Fund and there are 120 countries around the world that are members donates the same amount that would come to 1,152,000,000 dollars.

Let’s face it there would a hell of a lot more people donating than 20,000 in a lot of countries so that figure 1.15 billion would be a minimum. There would of course be celebrity donations as well, so my question then becomes, why do we have the same problem today as we did ten years ago? These organisations do a great deal of good there is no doubt however where has all that money gone?

Since being founded in 1919 at a bare minimum 84.97 billion dollars would have been donated and yet we still have the same problems and that is just one organisation.

Steve Boddey

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