Monday, March 7, 2016

Rubio Cruz Clinton and Sanders lets screw America

For all the moaning and groaning about Donald Trump, the Republican Party only has its self to blame as Trump supporters are the people the Republican Part have ignored for a long time. These are the supporters that are neither red nor blue, left nor right; they do not fit easily into the pigeonhole ideological of the Party.

The people of America have a choice either more of the same or the chance for a change. If Trump does win the Republican nomination will all republican voters come out to vote? The party is entering a self destructing period. If the in fighting and back stabbing continues along with the continual media propaganda the spiral down will  be quick with the Democrats reaping the rewards.

Rubio has already started the destruction when he said if Trump gets the nominee" He will split the Republican Party and it will be the end of the modern conservative movement." So much for standing as one, with that attitude Hilary will be a shoe in! 

While she maybe the devil you know, it will be another 4 years of bringing the USA a step further into the abyss of the filthy rich while ignoring the rest of the people.

It is time for a change from Democrat to Republican president.

Steve Boddey
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