Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Auckland Mayor and the Legacy

Finally, Len Brown’s role as Auckland’s mayor is coming to an end.

His final term has been full of controversy. Broken promises, adulterous affair and bringing massive debt to the city he supposedly loves.

The new transport system is a farce. If I were to work in Auckland and catch the train it would cost me $16 return each day which amounts to $80 a week meaning I would have to work one day just to pay to get to work.

As a person on a low income I don’t use the motorways nor do I use public transport so my $1300 rates per year pay for what?

1/10th of my annual income pays for rubbish removal once a week, recycle removal once a fortnight and 2 dodgy men come butcher the front verge just before the rates are due. As for road repairs and up grades you will find that most have about 8 workers 7 of whom are standing around discussing who’s going to win the rugby.

I am sorry Mr Brown but your legacy is putting Auckland into debt that will take sometime to get rid of.

Pity the poor bugga who takes over, yet I wonder, he/she couldn’t do any worse could they?

Author Steve Boddey
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