Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You Named Your Child What?

The gentleman’s surname was Kerr and his first was Wayne. I wondered if he was being serious but then he introduced his girlfriend Henrietta with a surname of Carrot.

I kid you not I nearly carked it there and then from laughing because he also introduced his friend who was known as Mr. King to every one else but his friends called him Joe.

Of course you couldn’t have a party without Ben Doon and Phil McCracken who would torment Dick Power because of the way he walked. Naturally Sue Yoo and her partner Moe Lester would be the talk of any gathering.

Ken Hurt often was seen chatting with Alma Knack who was very keen on Judge Willie Stroker. Al Bino had become obsessed with Anita Goodman who was in love with Ben Dover whose sister Eileen Dover ended up coming out and with her girlfriend Charity Case.

Don Key the politician never brought his partner Gaye Barr to any of these functions due to Hazel Nutt and Helen Back long time enemies being there.

Hugh Morris was the comedian of the night because no one want to say Iona Ford was embarrassing.

The sleaze Tim Burr was always chasing after Trina Woods or her best friend Trina Forrest.

Who brought the baby North West?

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