Monday, October 12, 2015


Do we learn from our past?
Does history teach us anything?

It appears not!

Wars between religions has been going on for centuries and the tossers are still at it not giving any thought to the damage they do nor the effect on those around them.

Although to be fair we have learnt to find better more brutal ways to kill people and look at World War 1 we had to have a bigger war after that didn’t we?
So we had World War 2.

Then we had the Korean War and to better that we had the Vietnam War. Of course let us not forget the Bosnians and the Serbian fighting.

Naturally the Middle East has always had in fighting but the challenge now is to see how horribly we can kill someone. Chop off the head and drag the headless body around behind a vehicle.

Massacring people just because they don’t think like you. To stand in front of a camera making threats and demands with no respect for anyone but your own kind truly shows that it is you and your people that have no right to live.

And so the wars continue.

Author Steve Boddey

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