Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Fifth Floor

The story begins HERE

The plan is to hit the building at 6pm when minimal staff would be on duty and most of the staff would have left for the day. The team knew that the building remained open up until 8pm.

At 6pm precisely they entered the building.

The team had been able to get a map of the building although there may have been changes the basic layout should be the same. The officers headed straight to the desk where the warrants were served and the desk clerk was then removed.

Noah Lott pulled out his equipment and got to work. He was able to over ride the security locks and this allowed teams to head up to the fifth floor via two fire exits and two lifts.

No-one was to enter the fifth floor until everyone was in place and the order given.

As the lift reached the fifth floor the order was given to enter the fifth floor offices.

The lift doors opened and we rushed out with our weapons at the ready as did the teams coming from the fire exits.

We were shocked by what we found.

What the hell is going on? The place is empty completely empty and clean.

The forensic guys started doing their stuff as we looked around in disbelief.

I looked at Isabelle and shrugged the shoulders, there was nothing we could do but wander around and hope we find something, anything. This Mandamas group is good at what they do and that makes them very dangerous.

We left Brandon and his team to do their work. Taking the lift I leaned against the back of it and stared blankly at the panel as Isabelle pressed the ground floor button.

Once at ground level the doors opened and we exited. I looked around the lift and noticed the camera.

At the front desk I asked Noah Lott to get all the footage he could from both lifts.
He informed us that the fifth floor did not have any footage at all and wanted to know if there were any cameras on the fifth. Brandon Irons confirmed that there were no cameras and no sign of any being installed.

It was nearly 2am when things were finally winding up.
I nonchalantly asked if we needed to check the basement?
Irons looked at me with a puzzled look.
What basement this building doesn’t have one!
Yes it does I noticed the extra button when were coming down earlier.

Author Steve Boddey

To be continued .... Better luck next time Mr Black

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