Thursday, October 15, 2015

Better Luck Next Time Mr Black

The story begins HERE

I enter the lift and look at the panel there is no button there. I shake my head, maybe I am tired.Or maybe you’re looking in the wrong lift. Isabelle points to the basement button in the second lift. We push the button but nothing happens. Noah we need your help.
It takes Noah about 20 minutes to over ride the lift system to the basement.
I push the button and the lift moves down to the basement. The doors open and we are confronted by a small open area that leads to a corridor. Two of the team head down the corridor being extremely cautious as they move further down it.Some 500 yards into the corridor there is a scream of GO BACK.
We hear the pounding of boots echoing down the corridor heading our way. We turn and rush towards the lift. Just as we enter the lift there is a massive boom. We wait as the two come hurtling towards us and enter the lift, I hit the button.
The lift moves upwards as we feel a rumbling beneath us. The heart beats faster Isabelle squeezes my hand.
The time between moving from one floor to another seems to take forever, then all of a sudden the doors open and we all head out.The shock wave from an explosion shook the ground.
Their escape was complete.
After getting some sleep we meet Brandon Irons back at his office.

There was a camera in the corridor my boys noticed it and then they noticed the explosives. The whole fifth floor was wiped clean and any footage from the lift was useless as the cameras were covered over. They moved out two days ago.

The tunnel appears to be heading towards the south side but we will never know for sure. It would seem Serious Black and Isabelle Starr these are the ones that got away I am sorry.

The door opens and an officer hands Brandon Iron and envelope.

For you Mr Black he says as he passes it over to me.

I open it and read aloud the contents.

Better luck next time Mr Black.


Author Steve Boddey

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